60% of web searches are on mobile devices

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Mobile Responsive Websites Are Our Standard

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is centered around allowing desktop webpages to be viewed in response to the size of the device one is viewing with. Basically, it needs to look good on your computer, phone and tablet as well! We have been designing lead generation websites in Aurora, CO, Denver, and nationwide since 2008.

Top Spot Consulting incorporates Responsive Web Design in EVERY website that we build.  This is one of many critical pieces to your online presence but is crucial in keeping clients glued to your page.

Over 70% of potential clients at any given time will be on a mobile device when they view your website. That’s why it’s so important that your website look good on a phone, tablet, or other mobile device, with clear easy to navigate calls to action.

If your website doesn’t look good and react smoothly they will simply bounce away to one of your competitors. We don’t want that, now do we?

Denver Mobile Responsive Web Design

On-Page Optimized For Search Engines (SEO)

So, we hear you want a pretty website with all the cool bells and whistles, right? We totally understand. We get it. But just keep in mind, it's the "stuff" that you don't see that drives customers to your website.

The kinda stuff that has the search engine spiders eating up your website content like flies in a perfectly constructed web.  We'll give you "the pretty", but right now we are talking about your websites On-Page Optimization. All our websites are:

  • Optimized with authoritative content that your readers want
  • Optimized with the correct Title Tags (H1,H2,H3, etc)
  • Optimized with juicy Meta Descriptions for those picky search engines
  • Optimized for Keywords your customers are actually searching for
  • Optimized with Internal Linking to keep power flowing throughout your site
  • Optimized "alt tags" of all your images (again, the stuff you don't see)

There's more, but you get the picture. Any Joe Schmoe can slap a website together, charge you $300, and tell you you're getting a bargain. In actuality, all you're really getting is a headache that a professional will have to come clean up (for a lot more money) for you to ever stand a chance of competing with the top guys in your niche that did the job right from the word GO!

Please consider these facts when you are shopping for an expert web designer and SEO in Colorado or anywhere. Honestly, just give us a call. You're in good hands, and we guarantee it. <<-- Ask us how.


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